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Investment fund

SBU Capital I is a seed capital fund funded by successful Mexican entrepreneurs and businessmen.


Support high impact entrepreneurship, contributing with social and economic development of society creating employment sources and pushing innovation.

Located in Mexico City


Edo. De Méx, Veracruz, Jalisco and Michoacán


Work Team

We are a team working collectively believe and trust entrepreneurs and detonates its best capabilities to generate a change in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the world

Jorge Iván Puflea Hernández
High Impact Businessman
José Manuel Serrano Reséndiz
Innovation higt impact technology
Guillermo Alarcón
Creating the power team
Sara Becerril
Explore your commercial potential
Erandi Shanik Santos Lugo
Taking the technology abroad
Claudia Huerta De la Garza
Innovating the creativity
Jorge Alfredo Calles

Grow your revenue with returns greater than 20%, Invest in Startups.

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You have a Startup that will revolutionize the market and belong to the ICT sector (Information and Communication Technologies) Apply now!